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Kundalini Yoga Classes

Canva - Yoga Indoors_ The Vajra Mudra -

Meditation Classes

Canva - mineral tranquility with balanci


Kundalini yoga has many physical health benefits. Kundalini yoga is a science which works with the endocrine and nervous systems. Through chanting, kriya exercises & breath control, the energy at the base of the spine is raised resulting in good health, expanded consciousness & awareness. Some say Kundalini yoga helps awaken the soul. All Kundalini yoga classes consist of warm up exercises, breath work, body postures & relaxation segments.


According to the yogic science, human personality is comprised of 3 different mind types. The mind types are positive, negative & neutral. Most people are usually stronger minded in one aspect. One of the goals of meditation is to bring balance to these 3 modes of thinking. We offers instruction in meditation & breathwork to help balance & focus the mind. 


Loose clothing, Water Bottle, Yoga Mat or large towel.

*For Zoom classes: participants need a quiet space where they can be undisturbed to take direction in breathing, chanting and stretching their bodies. 

**If you are older and have mobility issues:  a chair may be used in place of a yoga mat. Full classes may be taken in a chair.

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