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"I started the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes with instructor Nathaniel in the early January 2022, and my life has changed demonstratively. As a result of the stretching postures and low cardio movement combined with deep breathing, my balance has improved, as well as my strength and muscle tone! However, what I enjoy most about this class are the soul-stirring music mantras, vibrational healing chants, and instructor Nathaniel's ability to meet everyone's need where they are, yet bringing us together as one! Forever Grateful."
"When I was referred to Nathaniel It had been many many years since I did any kundalini yoga. I have considerable physical limitations, which he worked around, allowing the yoga to be challenging while still respecting my ability level. He came to me, and we practiced in a park near my apartment. Having done kundalini yoga before, I can say that Nathaniel is a very skilled teacher. He is also patient, observant, and kind. I looked forward to each session and I wholeheartedly recommend him."
"Nathaniel is a attentive teacher who instructs with grace and clarity. His warm easy going presence allows me to stay focused in the moment. Working with him has helped me unlock strength for my daily life off the matt. His dedication to these ancient practices and his skill at transmitting them with the power they contain makes him an effective yogi I'm thankful to have as a teacher."

"I am delighted to recommend Nathaniel. He is my personal yoga instructor the past 9 months, beginning at HeartSource Studio in Berkeley. I am very grateful I had 3 months training and strengthening with Nathaniel and Kundalini yoga before I was diagnosed with lung cancer in March. Nathaniel has continued twice a week with me through the past 3 months of treatment at Stanford. Much of the time, I was a respiratory cripple, short of breath with minor exertion. Over the many weeks, Nathaniel paced the lessons to my ability of the day, and took me one step further. I owe much to Nathaniel’s kundalini yoga teaching for how well I have tolerated chemotherapy and radiation over the many weeks. I owe much to Nathaniel for the training and chanting and toning and singing that have brought me through life and death respiratory challenges.

Nathaniel brings maturity, grace and humor to his lessons. His knowledge and understanding of kundalini traditions, combined with other Wisdom traditions are grounding and expanding. Nathaniel’s lessons have enough repetition for strengthening and practice, and enough new pieces for challenge and engagement. He was excellent pacing the lessons to my energy and ability as I become worse and better over the past weeks. Nathaniel has become a wise, loving, trusted presence in my life. Blessed Be"
S.M.  MD
Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
"On behalf of the residents and myself - Big thanks for the class today. Nathaniel is great! He taught participants the breathing/meditating skills and abilities, which are useful and  helpful for residents. Looking forward to the next different class on Friday"


"Of all of the yoga classes I have attended, both kundalini and otherwise, Nathaniel's classes bring me on a journey. He consistently  taps into wherever I'm at when we start and progressively guides me into a deeper body/mind and ultimately spiritual state of aliveness, connection and peace. I always feel more awake, and aware in my body, uplifted in my heart-space and aligned with my spirit. I highly recommend Nathaniel's classes, they will nourish you body, mind and soul."


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