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In our classes we will explore the principles & mechanics of chanting, breath work & meditation.


Chanting is the repetition of words or phrases which can be used in a harmony or tune. WHY CHANT? Chanting is as old as the spoken word. All words hold vibration, some more powerful than others. When someone chants, and the words are repeated, a vibratory, circular tone and pattern are established inducing a meditative state of mind. Chanting when coupled with directed awareness of the spine can assist in raising the Kundalini energy. Another aspect of chanting we will explore is sound current called "SHABD".


Breath work is the practice of inhalation, retention & exhalation of the breath in specific patterns & rhythms to bring about a desired physiological effect. It is called PRANAYAM. The right nostril breath is Solar/ electric, the left nostril breath is lunar/magnetic. One of the benefits of training in breath work, is that it empowers a person to consciously shift into a balanced state when things are stressful. It recharges the human battery and electrifies all of the nerve currents in the body. Many cultures say that the breath is directly connected to spirit. Through the practice of Pranayam one could possibly attain greater levels of spiritual awareness. The art and science of Pranayam is an important key in opening the door to experience deeper meditations & balancing the internal health systems. It  holds many mysteries.


There is an old saying “Be still and know I Am or Be still and know thyself“. The basic function of meditation is to create balance between mind, body and soul. Learning how to be still and quiet the mind is the first step in this process. An old yogic tradition is to build the beginning meditator up to Thirty-Six minutes of complete stillness, thus learning to sit with oneself. 


Creating a regular practice or what yogis call SADHANA is fundamental to maturing in yoga. Practical  applications used to deepen the yogic and meditation experiences are asanas (poses), mudras, pranayam (breath work), body locks (bandhas), chanting and working with shabd (sound current). These applications are used in certain sequences or combinations that have been said to unlock our latent potential, just like a combination safe. The yogis claim Kundalini yoga is a complete, total and exact science that takes regular and ongoing practice.

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